Now  4 Teams


  • 4 teams compete each week  (BLUE / YELLOW / GREEN / ORANGE)

  • Each of the 4 teams will have one child "Team Leader" / one child "Co-Captain"

  • "Team Leaders" and "Co-Captains" will remain the same color for the whole season unless their leadership is revoked for various reasons (see below).

  • When children arrive they can expect to experience the following (in order):

    • Check-in at our registration table (only registered children can play & compete)​

    • Children will hear an uplifting weekly message from a Life Coach.

    • Weekly Draft will begin- Team Leaders choose from available players to join their team for that weeks series of events.

    • When a player is selected to their team they will stand with their teammates, put on their colored jersey and then receive one free slice of pizza from an adult.

    • When the draft is completed- the teams will leave the facility to the outdoors.

    • Competitions will begin... several different fun games to be played per week..

    • At conclusion of competitions- Winning team will be announced for that night

      • Snacks will be distributed to both winning and losing teams.​

    • At conclusion of competitions- Most Valuable Player award will be announced.

      • MVP will earn "champ points" to select a prize from our "Rewards Wall".

    • At conclusion of competitions- Most Improved Player award will be announced.

      • MIP will earn "champ points" to select a prize from our "Rewards Wall".

    • Dismissal

  • Games will be filmed each week and composited for the upcoming week.

  • Teams may occasionally be paired with other colored teams for particular games. (For example- Kickball may need a larger number of players so the orange & yellow team would join forces to compete against the blue and green teams) and then split up again for the other games later on for that evening.


  • The Team with the least amount of accumulated Team "Champ Points" (see Point Systems section for more info) will get to pick first in the Weekly Draft.

  • If two teams have the same amount of Team "Champ Points" the tie-breaker will be determined by the flip of a coin. (this will not be done on-site)

  • When a player is selected to a team- they must wear the teams jersey for the remainder of the evening. Players cannot switch teams unless both Team Leaders make an agreement and notify a referee.



  • Every child (between ages 6-17) will get one free slice of pizza for competing.

  • Every child (regardless of winner or loser) will get one free snack post competition.

  • Water will be provided every week for refreshments.

  • Children who leave early will unfortunately not receive snacks, points or prizes.


  • All children (including leaders) are eligible to win the weekly MVP or MIP reward.

    • MVP  & MIP Rewards are earning one "Champ Point." These are accumulated each week for winning actual prizes from our "Rewards Wall."

  • Each prize on our Rewards Wall (such as Drones, Action Figures, Roller-boards, etc) will be assigned a certain point total needed to win that prize.

  • When a child has earned enough "Champ Points" for the prize he or she wants- the child may redeem their points and take the prize home free of charge! The point total of their prize will be deducted from their earned total.


  • The winning colored team will be the team that has accumulated the most Team "Champ Points" throughout the 2018 season. (see "Points Systems" for more info)

    • Winning Team Leaders will win a $100 gift card at the end of the season.

      • Non winning Team Leaders will win $50 gift cards​.

    • Winning Co-Captains will win a $50 gift card at the end of the season

      • Non winning Co-Captains will win $25 gift cards.​

  • Winning Team Leaders and Co-Captains will also win an end of season trophies.​​

  • All players have a chance to win an end of season Most Valuable Player Trophy. 

    • This will be the player who has earned the most overall MVP "Champ Points."

  • All players have a chance to win an end of season Most Improved Player Trophy.

    • This will be the player who has earned the most overall MIP "Champ Points."



  • Every week- whichever team wins the games will earn 1 Team "Champ Point."

  • Every week- whichever team demonstrates the best behavior and sportsmanship will earn 1 Team "Champ Point."

  • Team "Champ Points" are earned for end of season prizes such as cash rewards (see "Prizes" for more details) and end of season trophies.


  • "Champ Points" are earned by all children (incl. Team Leaders and Co-Captains)

  • Children do not have to be an outstanding athlete to earn "Champ Points"

  • To earn a "Champ Point"- a child must earn either Behavioral, MVP or MIP honors for that week.

  • MVP, MIP and Outstanding Behavior Awards will be decided by Referees, Life Coaches, & other adult leaders

  • Individual "Champ Points" are earned for free toys from our "rewards wall" and also for end of season trophies (MVP or MIP).

  • A child can earn more than one "Champ Point" per night. (for example: Danny can win both MIP and MVP in the same night)


  • Games will vary from week to week. Some of the games commonly played include:

    • Football​

    • Soccer

    • 40 Yard Dash

    • Pass Ball

    • Dodge Ball

    • Steal the Bacon

    • Baseball

    • Kickball

    • Tug of War

    • Frisbee

    • Limbo

    • Modified Basketball

    • Water Balloon Wars

    • Obstacle Courses

    • and Many More!

  • Game rules vary and will be explained to the children prior to playing the games


  • Children arriving late will unfortunately be disqualified for MVP / MIP  honors.

  • Team Leaders & Co-Captains can have their status revoked for the following reasons:

    • Inconsistent attendance​

    • Negative attitude (fighting, arguing, complaining, etc)  Must set positive example

    • Not demonstrating qualities & characteristics of a true leader

    • Any other reason that arises (as voted upon by adult supervision)

  • If disruptive behavior continues after 2 warnings- the disruptive player will be asked to sit in the penalty box for 15 minutes. If they refuse to sit in the penalty box for 15 minutes, the child's parents will be called and notified to pick them up from the activities. This player will also receive (negative) -1 "Champ Points"

  • For points distribution please see "Point Systems" section.

  • Team Leaders & Co-Captains ARE eligible to win Most Valuable Player & Most Improved Player awards.

Kids will learn about KINDNESS, sportsmanship, effort, & team work!


- If you have additional questions that are not addressed on this page please feel free to call Aaron Morgan at (585) 286-0059 or via 
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