Gates Assembly of God was established under a different name when it was founded in 1941 by a young Italian pastor named Mauro Nesta who was holding bi-lingo church services in a house on Dengler street in the city of Rochester. The church was called Cheisa Christian Pentecostal and had around 25 people attending.

The church soon expanded and a spiritual revival forced the church members to seek a new meeting location. Pastor Nesta had learned of a Nazarene Church being sold and negotiations began with a church building on Columbia avenue in southwest Rochester. By 1945, the church began sharing the building with the Nazarenes and 3 years later the Nazarenes  had moved into their new church building.

On a quick side note, in 1946, the parents of sister Rose Mignano came to visit her in Holley NY. As they were driving through the old Lyell Road area her father said to her mother, "there should be a church built out here" and prayed that some day his vision would come to fruition.

Pastor Nesta had began some missionary work in Italy in 1950 and returned again in 1952, but unfortunately he had fell ill and died. He was 44 years old at the time of his death and his young son Angelo became acting Pastor. In 1953, the congregation decided to call for some candidates to come and try out for the church. Pastor Anthony Di Quattro was selected to assume with role with his wife and two children.

In 1957, Pastor Di Quattro resigned and took a position with a church in New Jersey. Brother Mignano assumed the position and was officially elected as Pastor in 1959. At this time the church was called the Christian Pentecostal church.

In 1962, the father of sister Rose Mignano (who had the vision of the church on Lyell Road) had passed away. He never saw his vision come to pass, but unbeknownst to them, but to her mom only, he had designated a large sum of money to be donated for a church to be built on Lyell Road whenever God would have this come to pass.  This is how confident he was in what the Lord had spoken to him.

In 1969, a meeting of what was left of the congregation, had voted to relocate. The property on Columbia Avenue was put up for sale. The search for a new property had begun.

 On a cold Sunday in January 1969, the mother of sister Rose Mignano directed them to the area where her dad had told her that a church was needed. There was a for sale sign and she became very excited.

Soon thereafter, the 1 1/4 acres of land was purchased for $6,500 and a groundbreaking service was held on March 2nd, 1969.  The first service was held on July 19th, 1969.  The name was officially changed from Christian Pentecostal Church to Gates Assembly of God in 1977.

The church was paid for in full in only 17 years. On August 9th, 1986 we held a mortgage burning service.  On December 3, 1990 the church was officially affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

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